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To understand the basic operation of modern slot machine we will be using block diagrams throughout this section. A picture is worth a thousands words and hopefully this method will greatly simplify our task without going to detail technical descriptions. Upon opening the door of a slot machine, we find a neat arrangement of electronic and mechanical components.

Modern three reel-type slot machines evolved from mechanical type machines wherein mechanical clutches were relied on to stop spinning display reels at random locations to display a game result to today’s machine where a microprocessor randomly selects a game result. If we remember that by generating a greater number of random numbers than the number of available sets of different symbol combinations, and by varying the sizes of the subsets of random numbers which correspond to each different set of game symbols then the probability of a particular game result can be predetermined for the machine. The random number generator is the brain of the slot machine.

The basic operation of a slot machine is functionally illustrated in FIG. 6. Coins are inserted into the slot (1) and detected by the coin acceptor (2). The coins pass along a conduit into a coin payout hopper (3). The level of coins in the payout hopper is sensed by a detector which when full causes the coin diverter mechanism (4) to deflect a paddle and divert the coins recorded into a coin counter to come to rest in a coin drop box (5). When the coins have been accepted, a signal energizes the game to start. If multiple coins are fed into the machine a circuit detects this fact and signals the control and payout logic of the number of coins inserted. Once the play button is pressed or the handle is pulled (6), a shaft is rotated to power the reel mechanism (7). A random number generator (8) programs selected position, causes the individual reel to stop and determines a payout. When the payout is complete, a signal passes to the main control unit and a new game is activated. The control operation is illustrated in FIG. 7.

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Book of Ra deluxe Online - FREE
Book of Ra the veteran slot game that is favorite of many casino and slot players is also available online for real money or for free. If you never heard of this game than you never walked into a casino or you are not from Europe because this game is the one of the most popular slot machine games ever played around here rivaling with the good old sizzling hot. Here are some screenshots from Book of Ra, your next favorite slot machine game 🙂
As you can see the similarities between book of ra and sizzling hot are obvious, both use 5 reels and 3 lines but the symbols differ. The good thing about these similarities is that you don’t have to learn the rules of each separate game they follow the same principles, mostly.

Book of ra deluxe

Screenshot of Book of Ra deluxe online gameplay.

The Book of Ra paytables.

The Book of Ra paytables.

So now you know what i’m talking about 🙂 I will also tell you which is the best place to play this deluxe game online, StarGames. I could go on and on for hours why StarGames is the best place to play, but i will mention only a few clear advantages. First of all Stargames has a very fast flash client, there are no client downloads, all games are accessible ONLINE for free or real money of course. The site uses flash for the games which is fast, secure and dynamic. For real money players there are several well known reliable payment options.

Hi guys, it’s been a while! I was playing sizzling hot deluxe version over star games without downloading, the games there are opened in a flash client which i think it’s cool and online poker and casino portals should most definitely adapt this method because it’s fast, practical and easy to use, also just as secure as traditional clients. Before jumping any further into promoting these games i would like to tell you that i’m pretty much a real money player at most of the sites i visit, i just think it’s more fun and i recommend real money to all but i also present alternatives when needed, or asked.

There are several ways to play Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Book of Ra, Xtra Hot, Katana, Reel King, Backgamon, Roulette and of course Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe for free without depositing any money! To do this simply register at StarGames using our bonus code (This link contains the code, register here) and you will notice that play money, play chips or also called play money will be added into your account. This means access to all deluxe slot games for free without depositing a single cent or penny.

In case you run out of play chips or play credits you can do the following things: register a new account, having play money once more from a different account or purchase play credits for real money which is tricky and somehow silly because you obviously do not want to invest money in these games yet you have to in order to play more. The credits for playing deluxe online slots are quite cheap actually, you can play for months with a $1 purchase as far as i know. There is a more unusual way but this means depositing the minimal amount of 20 Euros or equivalent. Register, play until you spend all free chips or play money then ask the support for more, they will tell you to purchase more or opt for a real money deposit and play. When they do this they will make a special first deposit offer that varies, some deals are actually very good, others not so much, anyway, asking support for deposit options is a good idea – this can earn you big money and give you a very good head start.

Stargames Deluxe Sizzling Hot Online Free – There is a nice standard welcome bonus available,  €100 on your first deposit can be claimed, this bonus works the following way: you make a deposit (minimum is €20) then the site will match your deposit and grant the same amount as you deposited. This will double your money at the casino.  Using this bonus sizzling hot deluxe will most definitely become much, much more interesting 🙂  There is also a reload bonus of the same amount available but you must contact support for this. This may not be the biggest bonus on the internet but it is most definitely the easiest money to clear, those of you who have played at casinos before will surely agree that this is truly and important factor worth noting.