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The basic operation of modern slot machine Sizzling Hot

Posted on: August 18, 2013

To understand the basic operation of modern slot machine we will be using
block diagrams throughout this section. A picture is worth a thousands
words and hopefully this method will greatly simplify our task without
going to detail technical descriptions. Upon opening the door of a slot
machine, we find a neat arrangement of electronic and mechanical
components. Modern three reel-type slot machines evolved from
mechanical type machines wherein mechanical clutches were relied on to
stop spinning display reels at random locations to display a game result to
today’s machine where a microprocessor randomly selects a game result. If
we remember that by generating a greater number of random numbers than
the number of available sets of different symbol combinations, and by
varying the sizes of the subsets of random numbers which correspond to
each different set of game symbols then the probability of a particular game
result can be predetermined for the machine. The random number generator
is the brain of the slot machine.
The basic operation of a slot machine is functionally illustrated in FIG. 6.
Coins are inserted into the slot (1) and detected by the coin acceptor (2). The
coins pass along a conduit into a coin payout hopper (3). The level of coins
in the payout hopper is sensed by a detector which when full causes the coin
diverter mechanism (4) to deflect a paddle and divert the coins recorded into
a coin counter to come to rest in a coin drop box (5). When the coins have
been accepted, a signal energizes the game to start. If multiple coins are fed
into the machine a circuit detects this fact and signals the control and payout
logic of the number of coins inserted. Once the play button is pressed or the
handle is pulled (6), a shaft is rotated to power the reel mechanism (7). A
random number generator (8) programs selected position, causes the
individual reel to stop and determines a payout. When the payout is
complete, a signal passes to the main control unit and a new game is
activated. The control operation is illustrated in FIG. 7.

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