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Evolution of Gaming Machines

Posted on: June 11, 2013

Modern-day, casino-style gaming has been legal
in the US for approximately 70 years. For most
of that time, this type of activity was limited only
to locations in Nevada. However, changes in the
economy over the past 25 years have prompted
many jurisdictions around the world to either
institute or consider legalized gaming. Gaming
today is a high-technology industry with its own
history, products, and language. This fact makes the
business of gaming unfamiliar territory for many
new and potential gaming operators.
IGT compiled this Introduction to Slots and Video
Gaming guide to assist the reader in understanding
gaming machines and to help build a familiarity
with basic operating principles and terminology. It
is intended as a general introduction to both the
casino and lottery gaming business.
The information in this guide is gathered from
IGT’s 25-plus years of experience in the design,
manufacture, distribution, and marketing of gaming
equipment (spinning reel and video gaming
machines, and gaming management computer
systems). Contact an IGT representative for more
detailed information about any of the concepts
introduced in this guide.



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