Sizzling Hot Deluxe and similar deluxe games

For beginners willing to play Sizzling Hot

Posted on: January 15, 2013

Ok here is my take on a tutorial-ish tips intended for beginners in slot games or gambling in general. Unlike poker games where you can actually get free money to play with on some sites like Poker bankrolls 2013 casinos do not provide real free money, only offer play money or fake money offers. Those offers have inhuman withdraw requirements so I never really wasted any time on them after 4-5 failed attempts, I won`t bother you with them either. If you are a beginner willing to play for the first time you should have some money and you will have to use and therefore risk that money. Make sure you can afford 20 or 30 euros or equivalent because this is the minimal amount to start with (I think) for an optimal play.

Here is the main thing you will need (except some money of course): BALLS, HUGE BALLS. Like in almost any other gambling game you must persist and stick to a strategy, and also know when to stop. If you are afraid of losing money in slot games like sizzling hot deluxe you will fail eventually. Just a friendly tip never use all of your money at once, and never withdraw all your money at once, this way you will save some on further transactions.

Probably the best way to start is a free flash version of any popular slot game to learn the basic rules, then switch to a real money game, probably the best choice would be StarGames Sizzling Hot which has a 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to 100 Euros. The minimum deposit is 20 Euros.



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